Automate your design workflows

Generate tons of options

Our tools connect to industry-standard parametric design tools so you can layer automation workflows onto your existing design models.

Navigate complex tradeoffs

Our visualization tools reveal the complex tradeoffs between your design goals, helping you make better design decisions.

Discover the best solutions

We use state-of-the-art optimization algorithms to automatically derive the best solutions from your design models.

Our products


Discover is an optimization tool built to work with Rhino Grasshopper.

Our services

Technical training

We offer a variety of training programs both on-site and web-based to train your team in the latest tools and technologies to drive the success of your business.

Project consulting

We can integrate with your project teams to deliver optimization and automation solutions in specific projects or areas of your business.

Software development

We will build custom tools specific to your business needs, from white label versions of our existing products to completely new solutions custom-built for your needs.

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